Friday, 29 June 2018

Four Forces of Flight

This term team four and room 8 have been learning about the four forces of flight. Our task this term was to create an animation about these forces and choose an object to fly through the air. We found out that the four forces of flight are thrust, weight, lift and drag. This is what each of these forces does:

Thrust - Is a force that makes something move forward and move more distance. 

Weight - Is a force that makes the plan go down because of gravity. 

Lift - Is a force that makes the plan go up in the air. 

Drag - Is a force that makes the plane slow down. 

(Image created by Tepaia)

Room 8 learnt about all of these forces and made some animations about these forces. Check out some of our amazing animations from some of our room 8 learners. They have learnt a lot and have made some really great animations this term. Don't forget to leave a positive comment on their blogs.

Nahea          Daniella          Izaiah          Laolao          Jordin          Tepaia

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