Thursday, 21 February 2019

Our Identity

This week we started our Te Reo Māori classes with Whaea Francis. During our session this week we talked about identity and who we are. We talked about our cultures and how each of us is unique and different. Each of us has different things that are important to us and our whanau. During our session we had to opportunity to draw things that show our identity and who we are. We discovered that our identity can change and that our identity is special and unique to us. Check out some of our photos. 

When we went back to class in the afternoon we continued on with this activity using our chromebooks. We had a cyber smart lesson on how to find free to use images that link to our identity. We will share some of these once we have finished them. 

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

100 Numbers

During one of our maths lessons we had to work in groups of 4 to solve this problem. We were given one sheet of paper with the numbers 1-100 on it. We then each had a different coloured pen and had to circle our numbers. 

The catch was that we only have 3 minutes and we had to circle the numbers in order. Each person had a number 1, 2, 3, and 4 then we had to keep using the same pattern of people to keep the numbers going up to 100. We were interested to find out there was a pattern we found at the end. Here are some photos from us trying to figure out the quickest way to do it. We had so much fun completing this activity. 

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Welcome to 2019!

Kia Ora, welcome to 2019! Here is your first look at the new class of room 8 for 2019. We are a bunch of year 6 learners who are excited to continue to learn, create and share. This year we will mostly be in Miss Parrant class which is room 8 but we have two other awesome teachers in our space Mr Goodwin and Miss Tuiā. We thought we would share a photo that we have taken in class so that you can see all of our beautiful smiles. Please check out our work and feel free to leave us positive comments.