Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Home and Getting Ready for Camp

This week we are getting ready for our annual year 5 and 6 camp. We will be camping on the school field in tents! This week we are focusing on finishing off all of our work properly so that when we get to Wednesday we can just have fun and enjoy our time at camp. We have been doing some really exciting reading activities. The stegosaurus group have looked at a story called home. In this story we looked at people who had moved from countries all around the world and are now calling New Zealand home. 

We looked at what it would feel like to be in the situation and how we can help people that move to our school from another country fit in. After we had completed our reading with our teacher we had to complete an activity that was linked to what we had learned and to the book that we were reading. Our WALT was to use my prior knowledge to help me understand a new text. Jasmine completed this activity and put it on her blog and we would like to share her learning on here too. If you would like to check out Jasmine's blog click on her names to take you to her work. We hope you enjoy reading our work, please leave us a positive comment on our blog.