Sunday, 28 March 2021

Camp Week

This week we room 10 and team four were lucky enough to have our Year 5 and 6 Camp on the school field. We had the opportunity to sleep in tents that were put up for us by Mrs Nua, Ms Squires and some of the other lovey teachers and students at Pt England. We had so much fun at camp and were able to complete activities like kayaking, killer zone, slip and slide, cycloball and many other awesome activities. We had a camp concert night were we all got to preform an item in our camp groups! On the last day we went to the pools and had lots of fun! Check out some of our photos, we will post more next week.


Thankyou so much to Mr Somerville, Mr Burt, Mrs Nua, Mr Jacobson, Ms Squires and Mrs Lagitupu for making it possible for us to have a camp at school. As well as a massive thankyou to all of our whanau who helped with cooking, security and other activities you are amazing! We appreciate you!

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