Friday, 12 March 2021

Wonders of the World

We are now in covid alert level 2 - this means we are all able to be back at school learning with social distancing in place. Team 4 have decided to continue on with the learning that we have been doing in level 3 by looking at a topic for the whole week. This week we are learning about the wonders of the world. 

We have looked at the following wonders:

  1. Monday - Pyramids of Giza
  2. Tuesday - The Great Wall of China
  3. Wednesday - The Statue of Liberty 
  4. Thursday - The Amazon Rainforest 
  5. Friday - Wonders of the World (general overview)
Each day this week we have looked at a different wonder and have had to complete a range of different reading, writing, maths and design tasks related to the specific wonder. Check out some of our learners from Room 10 and the work they have posted on their blogs below!    

                      Odyn                                                 Patrick                                   Victoria
            Statue of Liberty                                7 Wonders of the World             Great Wall of China


                                              Tumoe                                               Blessing                                   
                                            Amazon Rainforest                            Pyramids of Giza       


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